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Universal identification anytime anywhere

Businesses and organizations regularly ask for an ID-document to know who they are dealing with. The way in which that happens, however, often leaves much to be desired. This creates risks for both the person to be identified and the requesting party. Personal information can leak away.


Consider, for example, a photo of an ID-document on a mobile phone or computer, which is then sent to the cloud or an email address. Or a printed copy of an ID-document in the trash bin or in the memory of the copier. In other words, there is no control over where this data ends up. Even then the question still remains whether the correct ID document has been received. 

CheckedID distinguishes itself by offering a complete service to verify identities of persons. Making data leaks impossible. Reading the chip in the ID-document makes CheckedID maximally reliable, and unique. Finally, the secure verification report serves as proof that the identification has been thoroughly done.